Setting Up Email on Android Devices

Add Email to Android Phone:

1. Go to Gmail (or any email application you like)

2. Tap "Add Account"

3. Choose "Other"

4. Enter your email address

-Choose "Manual Setup"

5.Choose between IMAP(Syncs between devices) or POP(Each device keeps seperate emails)

6. Enter the password

7. Enter the server

- Example:
- Allow all certificates

8. Under incoming server settings

- Make sure Security type is "SSL/TLS (accept all certificates)"
- Server should look like
- Port number should be 993

9. Outgoing server settings

- Username & Password should be filled in
- SMTP server will match the outgoing settings,
- Accept certificates
- Change security type to SSL/TLS(accept all certificates)
- Port number should be 465

10. Press next

- Gives you account options that can be customized to your liking
- Press next 
- Choose account name and your name
- Press next and its done

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Adding Email to Iphone

Setup Mail Account for Iphone 1. Go to Settings> Mail> Accounts> Add Accounts2. Tap...

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